We develop with a lot of passion and we constanlty improve it for users benefits. Here are some technical details that might be interesting for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you need further details.

Secured solution

Connections to the service are forced to use the https mode in order to be encrypted and secured.

Passwords are not stored in our database but just a hash code which makes it impossible to find the original password.

Cloud based

The solution is availabe 24/7 and hosted in Europe on a high availability environment with a backup solution.

This cloud based hosting has extensible capacities which are virtually unlimited.

Responsive design can be reached from a web browser on a PC, MAC but also from a tablet or a smartphone and will automaticall fit your screen!

A native iOS App is also available on the Apple Store.

Free updates

You will benefit from free updates without asking for them! This is one of the benefits of the cloud!

Minimal administration

The system is designed to minimize the administration requirements to free the time of the person managing the car park, typically the 'office manager'.


Programming interfaces are also available for advanced integrations or to enable the development of customer applications. Contact us for any project.

30 % more
20000 +days
2014 Since

Companies using are typically getting 30% more virtual space in their car park: it is as if the car park was suddenly larger! More than 20000 equivalent days of car park space have been allocated since 2014 so it is maybe your time?