Global statistics

The administrator has access to global statistics for the activity of the parking for the past 7 days and the past 30 days.

It reports the number of connections, the number of login errors, the number of users created, the number of passwords reset, the number of spaces freed and allocated.

Graphical statistics

A graph shows for the past 4 weeks the number of free spaces, the number of allocated spaces and the number of rejected requests. Rejected requests correspond to requests made for which there was no free space because the car park was full.

Details for the past 4 weeks and the past 24 weeks can be downloaded as a CSV file. They are available by date (per day, number of free, allocated and rejected spaces) and by user (per user, number of spaces used, free, received or rejected).

Activity log

The administrator has access to a full log of actions made on the car park: user connections, allocation of spaces, connection errors, user requests, ...