Create or import users

The administrator can create users manually. The only thing to do is to declare their name, email and if they have a permanent car park space (for example, space A01).

It is also possible to create other administrators.

If a user doesn't have a permanent car park space, the user is a requester. A requester can be part of a priority group to receive empty spaces. It enables to have a group of people getting empty spaces first (and after depending on the date and time of their request) to favorise internal employees versus external contractors for example.

The administrator can import a CSV file done via Microsoft Excel to accelerate the creation of the users. A sample file can be downloaded.

User list

The administrator has access to the user list and can modify them at any time for example to give them a permanent space. A color code also shows if users have used the system recently or not.

The administrator can also access the user planning, free or book their space on their behalf or create requests.

The user list can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Self-service user creation

The login page enables user without an account to create an account and start making requests depending on their needs. It enables to have a minimum of administration of the system and to leave users make their requests.

The administrator can also disable the self-registration at any time to better control the users having access to the system and to the car park.