Requests planning

Users without permanent car park space can request an empty space.

All they need to do is to check the days for which they need a space and to confirm. They can modify their choices at any time.

The system will allocate a space at the middle of the day for the following day and will send a notfication with the result (space available or not). The planning shows the result with an associated color and the identifier of the space if one was available.

It is possible to request a space for the current week and the week after. It prevents users from asking spaces forever while they may not really need one. The administrator can however allow up to 4 weeks of planning.

Color code

A color key indicates the state of the requests at any point in time.

The yellow color indicates that the request is pending, not yet processed (for example for the week after).

The green color indicates that the user has received a space.

The red color indicates that the user has not received a space because the car park was full.