First connection

By default, car park space owners (the administrator has to declare their space number or identifier in the car park) can declare if they use their space for the current week and the week after. The administrator can however extend up to 4 weeks of planning.

When they connect the first time, they just have to click on the 'Confirm' button to validate the use of the space. All check boxes are already pre-checked to make it easy.

If the user doesn't confirm using the space, it will be considered as free for the next day and available for any user requesting a space.

Validating the use of the space at least once every two weeks enables to be sure that car park owners confirm the use of their space and don't forget to declare it free, leaving it empty and not used.

Two weeks visibility

When a user has confirmed using the space or not, the system confirms that choices are taken into account.

The user can see at any time when the space is confirmed as being used or confirmed as being empty and if it has been allocated temporarily to someone else.

The user can make modifications at any time unless the space has already been allocated to someone else for the day.

Color code

A color key enables to understand the status of the space for each day of the week.

The yellow color indicates that the user has not yet confirmed using the space or not.

The green color indicates that the user has confirmed using the space or not and the choice has been taken into account.

The red color indicates that the space has been allocated to someone else.