To start using, it is very easy!

  • Create

    Create your own car park on the Subscribe page. You will instantly get your own dedicated virtual space!

  • Declare

    Declare users in the administrative section 'Users'. Start by users having a permanent space and declare the space identifier.

  • Inform

    Inform users that the new collaborative system is in ready and give them the web address which has the following format:

  • Enjoy

    Relax, the car park is automatically managed for you! Our users get up to 30% more virtual space in their car park!

Dedicated virtual space

When your car park is declared, you get a secured dedicated virtual space with a specific web address. This is the address you will communicate to car park users.

The address has the following format: with 'entreprise' being the name of your company or car park.

You can choose this name! When you declare the car park, you are made the administrator of the car park. It is possible to have several administrators.

Existing users

Users created by the administrator connect to the system using their email and password.

If a user has lost the password, no worries! Everyone can reset its own password thanks to the 'Lost password?' link.

New users

New users can self-register on the car park by giving their name, email and by choosing their password.

Users can by default only request empty spaces once self-registered.

The administrator can modify their status and provide them with the identifier of a permanent space. The self-registration can also be disabled by the administrator to control the usage of the service.