What we do

At MyCarSpot we develop and operate an online service to optimize the parking spaces of companies so that more people can park every day. In a complex world where time is money it is key to provide people with an easy access to a parking space close to their work environment and we believe that our service helps to do so!

The idea of MyCarSpot is based on a real case scenario where we transform the 'de facto' scenario of car space being booked in a scenario of 'opt-in' booking. The car spaces are no more considered as being used all the time, users have to confirm regularly that they use their car space, leaving the opportunity for other people to access the car park.

We think our online service offers the right dynamic for connected people.

MyCarSpot is developed and maintained by a group of Professionals in online services.

Our mission

MyCarSpot's mission is to help people work in better conditions each day so they can make the most of their potential.

To contact us

Should you have questions about us or about our service, please feel free to contact us..