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MyCarSpot can manage automatically your company car park.

Many companies are providing car park spaces to some of their employees depending on various criteria like hierarchy or distance from home. But the employees are sometimes away from the office, traveling, working from home, on sick leave or even using their motorbike when it's sunny. The car park space is left empty while other people could have used it! So why don't you start sharing the empty spaces automatically?

Not enough space?

There is never enough space in the company car park! MyCarSpot can manage the empty spaces and allocate them daily to people asking for them!

Not enough time?

Nobody is available to manage the company car park manually and it is a waste of time! Focus on your business and leave the system provide empty spaces to visitors or other employees!

Easy to deploy

You can start a test in minutes! The solution is hosted for you and can be reached via a web browser or a smartphone.


Car park owner

Every week, the user having a permanent space confirms in 1 clic the usage. Otherwise, it can be freed for the day!

Car park requester

The employees without permanent car park space can self-register and ask for a free space. They are informed during the day if an empty space has been booked for them for the next day.

User management

The administrator declares users having a permanent car park space with the identifier of their space. It is possible to import a list of users.

Statistics and logs

Global and detailed statistics are available for the administrator. There is also a full log of the car park activity.

Welcome to MyCarSpot

MyCarSpot is an online service to simplify company car park user's life and to make happy employees by sharing empty car park spaces.

  • Automated solution
  • Easy to manage
  • Immediate return on investment
  • Secured solution

Our online sharing service receives a fantastic welcome on the market in today's sharing economy and it provides companies with a better digital image towards the employees, the visitors and the partners as well as meeting the increasing demand for a true digital transformation.

Stéphane Seigneurin, Founder.

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